Dovetail isn’t a

consulting firm.

We’re a partner offering enterprise-level technical insight to fellow entrepreneurs.

Recently funded

New businesses that have secured seed or early-stage funding. These ventures often require strategic guidance on implementing foundational technology.

Startups Closing
Series Raises

Established businesses that have attracted further investment. These startups are focused on scaling operations, and require assistance in allocating capital for their technical infrastructure.

Growing Small and
Midsize Businesses

SMBs that have already established themselves in the market, and are looking to invest in technology as a means of increasing their market share and competitive edge.

Auditing & Resolving Technical Issues Impacting Operations

Businesses frequently encounter technical problems that disrupt their operations. We have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to assist your team in tackling these issues effectively.

We’ve seen it all.

We started Dovetail because we understand firsthand the gaps that exist when starting or expanding a company. We help businesses experiencing transformational change, bridging the gaps in operations and technology allowing entrepreneurs to focus on what’s important, the business.

Where We Fit
Auditing & Resolving Technical Issues Impacting Operations


Latest Insight

LK-99: The Disgrace of a Would-be Superconductor, and Why Anyone Cared

Amidst growing pressure for sustainable energy, South Korean reports of a room-temperature superconductor (LK-99) initially promised revolutionary advances. However, it was retracted last week due to data fabrication accusations after failed replication attempts, following wide scientific and social media discussions.

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