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Understand data siloes, their risks and how to manage them.

This whitepaper is designed to assist you in identifying and addressing data silos within your organization, revealing the inherent risks they entail, and equipping you with the necessary tools and insights to mitigate these challenges effectively.

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LK-99: The Disgrace of a Would-be Superconductor, and Why Anyone Cared

Amidst growing pressure for sustainable energy, South Korean reports of a room-temperature superconductor (LK-99) initially promised revolutionary advances. However, it was retracted last week due to data fabrication accusations after failed replication attempts, following wide scientific and social media discussions.

Tech Titans Borrow from WeChat and AliPay Amid Privacy and Monopoly Debates, what does it mean for your customers?

The concept of super-apps, once associated primarily with Asian markets, has gained global traction in the tech industry. As this trend gains momentum, it's essential to consider how super-apps are influencing the US market, and will shape the product offerings and privacy practices of major tech firms in the near future.

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Consumer Trust in the Age of Data: An Introspective

Discover the evolution of data collection and the impact of high-profile breaches on consumer trust. Learn how transparency, communication, and robust data security can rebuild trust in the digital era.

The digital divide: Bridging the gap to ensure equal opportunities and connectivity for all.

Even in today’s society, the digital divide stands as a pressing challenge, underscoring the importance of overcoming barriers to ensure that every individual has equal access to technology and connectivity, thereby enabling them to seize opportunities and participate fully in the digital age.

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